Adventure to Calm:

Visualizing the Island

OBJECTIVE: To give students an opportunity to experience a calm and relaxed state of being, while practicing skills of imagination.


  1. Students sit or lie in a comfortable position. If lying down, instruct to lie on the backs, arms at their sides, palms facing up. They may close their eyes.
  2. Students practice taking deep breaths.
  3. Guide them through the following visualization. Go slowly, allowing time for students to create images in their minds. Ringing a chime throughout can help create an intentional space for the visualization.
    • Imagine you are floating on a boat or a raft, in gentle water. Everything is peaceful.
    • Your boat or raft will gently wash up on the shore of an island. This is your Island of Calm. You will find treasures on this island that remind you of Calm. 
    • Imagine that you begin exploring your island. 
      • Look around. What do you see on your Island? What colors do you see? What shapes?
      • What does it feel like on your Island? Is it hot? Cool? Windy? Still? 
      • Listen carefully. What sounds do you hear on your island?
      • Take a deep breath in through your nose. What smells are on your Island that make you feel Calm?
      • What tastes do you find on your Island?
    • Now, you will find a treasure on your Island that you can bring back with you when you return. It could be something you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch, but it is a treasure that reminds you of this calm, peaceful feeling you have on your Island.
    • Hold on to that treasure, and roll over onto your side. Gently bring yourself up to a sitting position and open your eyes.
  4. Collecting the treasures/putting them in a safe space for future use. We often use a Treasure Chest to help with this. There are a few ways to do it, depending on time allowed.
    • Fast: I'm going to count to three, and on three, gently toss your treasure in the air and whisper what it is. I will catch it in the treasure chest for the next time we need to find calm.
    • Regular: Who found a treasure that you tasted? Can you tell us what it is, and put it into the treasure chest? Who heard something on their Island? Who saw something that reminded you of Calm?  Go through each sense, pick one person (or, if time allows, several) to tell the class what they found & imagine putting it into the chest.
    • Slow: What did you hear on your Island of Calm? Birds? Can you stand up and show us a statue of what you look like listening to these birds? 3-2-1-FREEZE! Notice how calm her face looks- how her shoulders are relaxed, she looks very peaceful. Continue as time allows, with other senses.