Adventure to Calm


OBJECTIVE: To introduce children to basic concepts of yoga and practice of yoga. The goal is to give exposure and encourage positive associations with the practice of yoga, rather than improving technique.


  1. Sitting on yoga mats, breathe in & out, raise arms above head and down to sides.
  2. Check the weather, see if it's sunny
    • Breathe in, arms out to sides, chest out, head up to the sun.
    • Breathe out, arms to middle, chest in, head down.
  3. Raise the sail
    • Sitting, raise one arm high in the air, lean to one side.
    • Raise the other arm, lean to other side.
  4. Fan the engines
    • Raise one arm into the air, breathe in.
    • As you breathe out, swing your arm down in a circle and back up.
    • Repeat 3x, then with other arm.
  5. Raise the next sail
    • Sit up on knees, breathe in and arms above head.
    • Breathe out, arms down.
    • Breathe in, one arm up and the other down
    • Same side leg goes out to opposite side as the lean.
    • Reverse.
  6. Tallest sail
    • Stand up, breathe in.
    • Swivel left, swivel right.
  7. Look to the stars
    • Feet apart, hands apart over head.
    • Twinkle fingers.
  8. Catch a comet
    • Grab the tail, bend knees, swivel and down.
    • repeat on other side.
  9. Rocket Ship
    • Hop feet together and bend knees low, gathering up the energy to launch.
    • Countdown from 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1.
    • Blast off: stand straight, arms together above head, twisting side to side.
    • Into space: begin twisting in slow motion.
    • Splash landing: Hands together over head, begin to trace an arc forward, bending at the waist and "splashing" hands in water.
  10. Row boat to shore
    • Sitting down knees up, pick up oars.
    • Breathe in, leaning back.
    • Breathe out, pulling forward.
  11. Set down anchor
    • Breathe in arms over head.
    • Breathe out, arms down.
  12. Listen to the softest sound the chime makes before disappearing.