Argh, Mateys!

Camden Music School, 2010

Camden Music School, 2010

The first song in the performance of Monkey Mind Pirates, Argh, Mateys asks an important question:

What's it going to be? Will you stand on the deck in the middle of the storm, or sink to the bottom of the sea?

OBJECTIVE: To learn movements to the chorus of Argh Mateys and to choreograph movements to each verse.

PROCEDURE: Follow the directions below

Chorus choreography

  • Aargh, Mateys Right fist across body R --> L as right foot stomps
  • Aargh, Mateys Left fist across body L --> Ras left foot stomps
  • What’s it going to be? Hands out, palms up
  • Will you stand on the deck Left hand on hip
  • In the middle of the storm Right hand on hip
  • Or sink to the bottom of the sea? Left hand above head, right hand pinching nose, bend knees down in a sinking motion

Create choreography for each verse

Verse 1:

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre, 2011

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre, 2011

  • Come young, come old, come shy and bold
  • Come sea dogs of all kinds.
  • No time to waste, so let’s make haste
  • ‘Tis treasure for to find!
  • If ye be short or ye be tall,
  • Ye be just what we need.
  • And I won’t fault ye if yer salty
  • Brine is what we bleed.

Verse 2:

  • We’ll scour the sea all fancy-free, 
  • Ol’ fate we’ll tempt and taunt.
  • From oceans green to lands unseen, 
  • For nothing will we want.
  • So, join me crew, there’s much to do!
  • Your time is nigh today…
  • If ye agree to sail with me, 
  • Then this is what you’ll say:

Verse 3:

Camden Music School, 2010

Camden Music School, 2010

  • A trade wind’s near and blowin’ fast, 
  • So fly the flag up high.
  • Swab the deck and shine the brass
  • And kiss your loves good-bye... Go down on one knee, gaze up at the stars
  • Sail with me now and this I vow: 
  • A trip by boat and mind
  • Come tears (cry) or laughter (laugh) …
  • ... what I’m after, 
  • Dearer won’t you find.


Sea Dog

Definition: An experienced sailor.

Context: Despite being an old sea dog, Captain Fitz fell overboard.

Make Haste

Definition: Hurry up.

Context: What’s taking so long with the Ice Cream? Make haste in there!


Definition: How sailors say the word "you."

Context: Thank ye very much for the gift, young man.


Definition: Having the flavor of or suggesting the sea or things related to the sea.

Context: Captain Fitz was a salty dog, never feeling comfortable on land.


Definition: Water containing a great deal of salt.

Context: When I swam in the ocean, I accidentally got a mouthful of brine.


Definition: To examine thoroughly and rapidly.

Context: He scoured the ground for clues where his dog might have gone.


Definition: To risk the dangers of . . .

Context: She’s tempting fate by standing on her head.


Definition: To provoke or challenge in a mocking or insulting manner.

Context: He taunted me with his sneering eyes.


Definition: Near in time.

Context: It’s nigh time you went to bed, young lady.