The Amazing Gnip Gnop Circus


This is one of the most unique and unusual shows I have ever seen. These performers captivated an audience of more than one hundred preschoolers, primary grade children and their families. This visual glow-in-the-dark program was full of humor, thrills and human-made sound effects.
— Buckham Memorial Library, Fairibault, MN
Your Gnip Gnop show was awesome, imaginative, unique and truly loved by my 5 year old. It was a great show which we both enjoyed. I was especially impressed with the time you spent with the children after the show.
— Audience Member
I have been programming for 16 years and this is one of the most unique and entertaining programs so far in our library! It must be seen to be believed. Children love things small and animated and their faces showed their delight as ping pong balls came to life with color, light and personality. . . This performance will have a long life in the memories of our families.
— Monroe County Library, Bloomington, IN
It was so great to see my son laughing his big belly laugh, clapping, cheering, and of course singing “gnip, gnop!”. Thanks!
— Audience Member
Z Puppets gave the best presentation ever! This was the most imaginative, innovative, entertaining performance I have ever booked for the library.
— Carleton A. Friday Memorial Library, New Richmond, WI
Our entire family really enjoyed the performance and our son buzzed all about it that evening and the next day, calling is “great” and saying “I liked it so much.” Keep up the fantastic family programming!
— Audience member
I was greatly impressed by the life, vitality and communication they were able to give to simple ping pong balls. Their use of black light, was very well accomplished ... and the work is a fine example of object manipulation.
— Paul Vincent Davis, Master Puppeteer