Legend of Calm

Did you know that inside of each of us, there is a hidden island? We call it the Island of Calm. Everyone has one, but each one is different. Have you discovered yours yet? What does it look like? How does it feel on your island? What do you see on your island? 

  • waterfalls?
  • palm trees?
  • kittens?
  • cinnamon rolls?

Calm is a place  Left hand over right hand, facing the floor at waist level, push down slowly and spread arms out to side.

Where I'd like to go... Right thumb points to chest

Like a warm embraceHug yourself

It comforts me so.

It stills my harried heart, Palm on chest, make a "heart" shape with hands

So tossed about at sea. Make waves with arms on both sides

Calm, I'm sailin' for theeOne hand to forehead to look out to sea




Definition: a hug

Context: She embraced her grandmother.


Definition: a feeling of being rushed.

Context: I felt harried when Mom told me to hurry up and get my shoes on.


Definition: you

Context: I will give my X-box to thee.