Monkey Mind Pirates

Family Yoga Party

tech specs

Monkey Mind Pirates Family Yoga Party is a 45-minute concert integrating simple techniques of meditation and yoga (breathing, movement, visualization) into puppetry. The show travels in a van and a car with six performers who will also load in and set up. The performers include a viola player (static downstage right), an electric guitar player (static downstage left), a keyboard player (center stage, performer travels downstage left and right when not playing), a bass player (static downstage left), and two puppeteers (travel between musician and into audience).

Set-up can be accomplished in most venues in less than an hour. MMP Family Yoga Party is designed to be flexible, able to be performed indoors or outdoors, on a stage or on the floor. The show includes audience participation in the form of simple yoga moves audience member can do from their seats or in some cases standing up.


SET: We have a 4’ x 2’ x 4’ Captain’s Wheel that serves also as the stand for the keyboard, which will go center stage. We need a minimum of 10’ x 5’ space to set up the musicians and the wheel.

In addition, the post show activities include a 4’ x 4’ x 3’ Island of Calm, and a 4’ x 2’ x 4’ Photo Stand that can be set up in a lobby, nearby room, or off to one side of the stage. The post-show activities will also require two tables at least 6’ in length.

LIGHTS: The MMP Family Yoga Jam has been designed to not require any special lighting. If available, a general wash onstage is sufficient. Otherwise, regular room lighting will work.

ACCESS: If performing on a raised stage more than 3’ tall, performers will need to have a secure stair to the audience to be able to accommodate audience interaction. If not available, we can adjust those portions of the show.

SOUND: We will bring all sound equipment necessary for electric keyboard, guitar and bass, and viola. We also travel with four wireless microphones for vocals and a Fender Passport PA system with six channels. If a house system is available, we will use four musical inputs (keyboard, guitar, bass, viola) with 1⁄4” RCA plugs and four vocal microphone inputs with XLR plugs.

CLEAN-UP: Please have a large trash can available for the post-show activity tables to handle disposal of scraps and materials used during the activity.

HOSPITALITY: No special hospitality is required; Six bottles of water and a bathroom or other secluded area for costume changing is appreciated.

MINIMUM STAGE DIMENSIONS: We can adapt and work with almost any stage set up; Our preferred dimensions are as follows:

• Depth: 8’

• Width: 15’

• Height: 8’ or taller

PARKING: Parking for one full sized van and one car is required.

SAMPLE WORK SCHEDULE: Production requires exclusive use of the performing space during load-in and performance.

• Below is typical for a library or informal venue, schedule assumes multiple locations within reasonable driving distance in a day.

• We cannot schedule more than 3 performances per day.

• The schedule below is a sample assuming performance at 11:00 am. Your schedule may vary, and will be forwarded by our Tour Manager.

9:30 am: Company arrives, load-in and set up.

10:00 am: Sound check, set levels

10:30 am: House opens for audience


11:45 am: Post-Show Activities

12:15 pm: Clean-up and load-out

12:30 pm: Company departs, lunc