Moreland Arts & Health Sciences Magnet School Art-in-a-Box Club

Welcome to the 2020 Art in a Box club at Moreland!

Each month, you will be invited to pick up a box of supplies and do a family activity related to the Monkey Mind Pirates residency with Z Puppets Rosenschnoz.

 Toy Theaters:

MAY, 2019

Art-in-a-box club project

Clay Islands of Calm:

APRIL, 2019

Art-in-a-box club project

Glow in the Dark Sea Creatures:

March, 2019

ART-IN-A-Box CLUB Project

Shadow Puppet Monkeys:

february, 2019

Art-in-a-box club project

The Wave of Calm:

January, 2019

Art-in-a-box club project


Introduction to Monkey Mind Pirates:

october, 2018

Drawing your map to the island of calm


Monkey Mind Pirates Album

by Z Puppets Rosenschnoz

Watch a Mini-Documentary made in 2014 about Monkey Mind Pirates at Moreland School:

Watch a video of Shadow Puppet Monkeys created by Moreland 1st Graders in 2014: