Kindergarten & Special Education:

Z Puppets artists teach students the fundamental building blocks of theater, mindfulness, and yoga through the characters and songs of Monkey Mind Pirates. Skills covered include impulse control, spatial awareness, emotional self awareness and regulation, basic health standards, and theater standards. Watch videos of our work here!

parents and families

Moreland K-2nd Grade families are invited to participate in the After School Art-in-a-Box Club, a monthly series of arts activities and supplies.

Previous Programs at Moreland

1st Grade:

Students create shadow puppet monkeys to represent the things that keep them from finding calm. They also take regular Adventures to Calm where they practice basic yoga poses and guided meditations. In the Spring, students create shadow puppet videos to bring to life songs written by 2nd graders. Watch videos or listen to their audio clips here!

Second grade:

Students create ibooks describing the Monkeys that keep them and their classrooms from Calm, and explore ways to tame these monkeys, using yoga and mindfulness techniques they practice in each Z Puppets session. They also write and professionally record their own songs describing the Monkeys they uncover. Watch videos or listen to their audio clips here!

Third & fourth grade:

Students have the opportunity to participate in after-school and summer programs to explore deeper the worlds of music, visual art, mindfulness and yoga. Watch videos of our work here!

parents and families

Moreland families participate in evening workshops in puppetry and music, and then perform alongside Z Puppets artists in public performances. 


Z Puppets created an Arts Integration team of artists to coach Moreland teachers towards their goal of Arts Integration. Read our report of Arts Integration at Moreland here.