The Comical Misadventures of Mr Punch

tech specs

The Comical Misadventures of Mr. Punch is a 45-minute traditional hand puppet performance.  The show travels in a van with two performers who will also load-in and set up.  The performers include a one-person band (travels across stage) and a puppeteer (concealed in a 4’ x 4’ booth that is 8’ tall). Set-up can be accomplished in most venues within an hour. Mr Punch is designed to be flexible, and can be performed on a proscenium or thrust stage, black box or even outdoors.  

SET: The set includes one 4’ x 4’ x 8’ tall puppet booth (downstage center).  The minimal playing area is 12’ x 12.’

LIGHTS: Mr. Punch requires only a general lighting wash downstage covering 8-10’ from the front apron.  Special Lighting travels with the show and is attached to the booth and controlled by puppeteer.

SOUND: Mr Punch uses one wireless headset mic (XLR) that travels with the show.  We may also bring an iPod with pre-show and post-show music to be operated from the sound booth.

HOSPITALITY:  The Company requests the following to be backstage in between events on days in which more than one activity has been scheduled (times will be advanced by Tour Manager):

  •  Filtered water
  •  Fruit tray (e.g. grapes, apples, oranges)
  •  Vegetarian snack tray (e.g. pita bread, hummus, carrots)


  •  Depth: 12’ (back wall to lip of stage)
  •  Width – 12’ at proscenium
  •  Height – 8’ mandatory

DRESSING ROOMS:  At least one dressing room with adequate heating, hot water and toilets separate from public must be provided.

PARKING:  Parking for one van is required.

FRONT OF HOUSE:  Late seating is allowed.  We will require a minimum of 2’ x 5’ x 8’ tall to set up our Merchandise booth.

SAMPLE WORK SCHEDULE:  Production requires exclusive use of Theater for duration of load-in and performance. Below is typical for a small to mid-sized theater space.  Outdoor or unusual space can also be accommodated. The schedule below is a sample assuming performances at 1:00 and 5:00 pm.  Your schedule may vary, and will be forwarded by our Tour Manager.

4:00 pm:   Call, warm up

4:30 pm:   Puppeteer call onstage, house opens

5:00 pm:   Presenter introduction, show begins

5:45 pm:   Show ends, Company returns for Q&A 

6:00 pm:  Clean up and pack props

6:30 pm:  Company load out, departs with audience, greet children.

11:00 am:  Company arrives, load-in and set up

12:00 pm:  Sound check, warm-up

12:30 pm:  Puppeteer call onstage, house opens

1:00 pm:   Presenter introduction, show begins

1:45 pm:   Show ends, Company returns for Q&A 

2:00 pm:   Clean up and re-set props

2:30 pm:   Company lunch and break with audience, greet children.