Shari Aronson Online Portfolio

for the bell museum resident artist application

 Cellula Video Preview

Cellula brings the audience into the world under the microscope for a glowing magnification of cell division, through the lens of a mother introducing her young daughter to the wonder of science. Zooming in and out between magnification levels, the audience follows Cellula through the process of mitosis, from the dance of DNA to the verge of specialization. Although the science is purely factual, the narrative framework and music swirls in emotion and humor in homage to the family lineage of biologists of Z Puppets’ Shari Aronson, writer of Cellula. Teetering on the fragile borders between science and art, Cellula is the expression of Aronson’s own DNA.

Like a bedtime story as told by biologists, Cellula fuses a unique style of playful naturalism with scientific beauty. Through dazzling blacklight puppetry and mesmerizing acapella music, Cellula illuminates the true marvels of cell science inside us all. Cellula features the singing of highly acclaimed improvisational vocalists Mankwe Ndosi and Libby Turner with the puppetry of Shari Aronson and Christopher Griffith, under the direction of UNIMA-award winning puppetry artist Kurt Hunter.

Cellula Study Guide

Developed by Z PUPPETS ROSENSCHNOZ for Grades 1-6, from our STEM of Puppetry initiative outlining how educators can use key concepts in Cellula to help students engage in engineering, design and biology to meet academic standards for their grade levels.

 Cell Phone Line

Developed by Z PUPPETS ROSENSCHNOZ — Video showcasing response to a bilingual window installation inviting people to call a phone line and talk to their own cells.

 Monkey Mind Pirates Guide

Developed by Z PUPPETS ROSENSCHNOZ — E-brochure featuring video, audio, images and text to give an overview of our Arts and Mindfulness performances, workshops and curriculum.

Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action

Developed for MN CHILDREN’S MUSEUM — Video tour of an interactive exploration of physical activity with a graphic novel theme


A Trip Through Childhood Favorites, developed for MN CHILDREN’S MUSEUM — Video tour of the immersion into early literacy by way of scenes from beloved picture books.

 Ancient Egypt


Developed for SCIENCE MUSEUM OF MN —

Excerpts from shadow puppet video I created and produced (including music by middle eastern music expert Tim O’Keefe). The shadow puppet video was one part of the multimedia tomb I developed with design team. The visitor triggered a sequence of  light box events, audio and video to learn about ancient egyptian beliefs of the afterlife.

Laughter Museums



Photos from pop-up public art installation that features audio of laughter of people of Maplewood along with funny face photo gallery and kid art interactives, designed to bridge divides across culture in the suburb.