Stillwater Library & Valley Friendship Club

Stillwater, Mn

Throughout 2015, Z Puppets partnered with the Stillwater Public Library and the Valley Friendship Club to present a series of STEM of Puppetry performances and workshops at the library, and two innovative summer camps. 

•Spring performances and workshops investigating artistic and scientific processes of puppetry for youth (ages 7+)

•Summer arts and mindfulness camp for youth (ages 7+) using STEM concepts to create and perform two types of puppetry in Z Puppets’ musical with health-science theme of stress relief

•Summer camp for junior high students to create and perform puppetry about basic cell science

All events will be designed for, promoted to and accommodate youth with and without developmental disabilities. Combined with extensive planning and community outreach, Z Puppets’ Stillwater STEM series will advance the goals of Z Puppets, the Library and VFC.

VFC is a non-profit founded in 2010 by a group of Washington County parents who saw the need for experiences to foster innovation, independence and relationships for young people with and without disabilities.

Stillwater Library seeks to inspire lifelong learning, as reflected in their motto, “Let your mind run deep!”

By teaming with these two partners in Stillwater, Z Puppets will integrate and advance our top four initiatives: arts for people with special needs; STEM of Puppetry, arts and mindfulness and community partnerships.


The STEM of Puppetry Performances


The STEM of Puppetry Workshops

Z Puppets conducted a series of workshops at the Stillwater Library designed to explore the STEM of Puppetry. 

Each workshop focused on a different style of puppet, including:

  • Found Object puppets
  • Glow-in-the-Dark puppets
  • Sock puppets
  • Toy Theater Puppets


The Cell Science Summer Camp

Exploring Cell Science, 2015

Cell Science Camp Final Performances

Making Shadow Puppets for Cell Science Camp, 2015

Monkey Mind Pirates Summer Camp

Rehearsing for Monkey Mind Pirates performance