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Maplewood City Council Meeting
4:00 PM16:00

Maplewood City Council Meeting

Join Z Puppets artists and our community advisors as we launch KID CITY, a multi-disciplinary series of youth task forces in Maplewood, MN.

5th graders in Maplewood will help bring the community together through laughter: first recording the laughter in Maplewood's diverse neighborhoods, then creating public kiosks for people to receive the laughter throughout the City.

Junior High students will create a Kid Council, based on the Legislative Theater ideas of Brazilian artist Augusto Boal. Maplewood Mayor Nora Slawik will identify issues for youth to address, and the youth will use theatrical play to research, discuss and propose possible solutions to City Council members.

High School students will create a regular community television series that documents the events of Kid City, to be broadcast on local community tv.

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