Who is this new face in KID CITY!?

Hello KID CITY friends! 

We are all so excited to introduce one of our newest members to KID CITY's Advisory Committee members: Maplewood Police Officer, PAM VANG! 

Yes, yes, it's true! And I know what some of you are thinking, 

"What is the KID CITY Advisory Committee?"

Great question! As some of you may know, KID CITY is a partnership between Z-Puppets Rosenschnoz and Maplewood Parks and Recreation.

However, KID CITY has a lot of help and guidance from our Advisory Committee, which consists of many professionals that live or work all around Maplewood, including teachers, principles, Government staff and even the Mayor of Maplewood, Nora Slawik! 

We all work together to advise and support KID CITY to be the best it can be! 

KID CITY is so excited to have Officer Pam Vang represent the Maplewood Police Department and KID CITY in this upcoming year of programming and events. 

So let's all get to know her and give her a warm welcome into the KID CITY family! 

Officer Vang grew up in Saint Paul, MN and always knew that she wanted to serve and give back to her community, the only question was: "how?"

In high school, she worked at the Maplewood Mall as a mall security. This is where her career in serving and protecting first began, as Officer Vang get to work side by side with the Maplewood Police Force as mall security.



When Officer Vang graduated from Arlington High School in Saint Paul, she prepared to continue her education by studying Criminology and Law Enforcement from the University of Minnesota Duluth. There she realized she was very passionate about victim advocacy and decided to pursue this career full time. When she graduated from school, she returned to the Maplewood Police Department as a community service officer, which includes (but is not limited to) performing work such as administrative tasks or animal control. 

Since then, she has been a sworn officer for 2 years with the Maplewood Police Department and of course, now an advisor for KID CITY! When asked what is something that most people wouldn't know about Officer Vang, she told us, 

"I love kids!"

and went to explain that she has always wanted to work with kids and if she was not a police officer, that she would be working directly with children, perhaps in the social system of government. 

(Isn't that SO PERFECT! I mean, we ARE KID CITY after all!)

As we finished up, Officer Vang wanted us all to know, 

"I'm excited to be a part of this, I've always wanted to do community outreach events," 

and we want to let you know Officer Vang, that WE are all excited to have you be a part of KID CITY and all the ways you will help us grow in the future! 

Three cheers for KID CITY and all of our amazing Advisory Committee Members! 

Hip-hip HOORAY! Hip-hip HOORAY! Hip-hip HOORAY!

I'll see you next week folks!