KID CITY Teaching Artist Derek Phillips and Shari Aronson having ice cream and silly fun with guest!

Hello my KID CITY enthusiasts! 

I cannot believe today marks 1 month since our 2nd Annual KID CITY Laugh IN! It feels like it was just yesterday that we all got together to celebrate community and laughter! 

If you're new to KID CITY and you have no idea what a Laugh IN is, do not fear! The Laugh IN is a free annual event in the City of Maplewood that celebrates laughter and all the amazing talent and people that live in our community. 

This year's Laugh IN featured a wide range of performers, table exhibitors and JOKES! 

From Z Puppets Rosenschnoz Laugh Labs, Maplewood Parks and Recreation root bear floats and Ice cream Sundays, to Twin Cities Family Fun's reading corner, all our guests had lots to do. 

We had our community talent showcase which featured:

  • Award winning Hmong dance Group: Nkauj Ntxuas Dej (NND) 
  • Little Miss Minnesota Lilah Lee
  • Amy Korbecky: Comedian 
  • Weaver's 4th and 5th grade choir 

AND our 2nd Annual Joke Swap Challenge! This year the Maplewood Police Department and the Maplewood City Council went head to head again, competing for the title of the "JOKE SWAP CHALLENGE WINNER!" Last year the Maplewood Police Department took home the honor and this year, the Police Department did it again with their uniform magic! 

Although it was definitely a close race, with both teams picking jokes that left the audience laughing for days. The winning joke was, of course, a joke about a cow. Because, who doesn't love a good cow joke? 

"You must love cows...because you keep staring at my calves!" 

Look at that calf go!

With all the fun,games and performances, we cannot forget all the good food that was at the event. 

With Maplewood food truck TOT Boss and Maplewood Parks and Recreation Root Beer Floats and Ice Cream Sundaes, everyone, young and old, got a chance to treat themselves to some free fun and laughter fit for a kingdom--the kingdom of Maplewood that is. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us on that beautiful Spring day and I cannot wait to see you all for our next event, coming up in June! So to stay connected with us and upcoming community events where KID CITY will be, please follow the #KIDCITYMN or like us on Facebook at Z Puppets or Maplewood Parks and Recreation!

Till next time, 

Have a goofy day!


Two KID CITY Laugh IN attendees having fun with our Funny Face Gallery.