Come find KID CITY at Weaver Elementary!


Who would have ever thought that January would have come and gone so quickly! Everyone here at KID CITY is so excited for all the amazing things that are coming up this spring. One being KID CITY's upcoming residency at Weaver Elementary in Maplewood! 

Fun fact! I actually attended this elementary school for 5th grade! Yes, folks! I am indeed an alumni of this fine school and couldn't be happier to be back in this school teaching with our amazing artist team. 

Last year was KID CITY's first time working with Weaver Elementary, as we came into their after school programs and performed Laugh Labs, discovering laughter and community with the help of our wonderful audience members. 

We loved it so much, we had to come back!

Get to know Weaver and all the reasons we adore working with them!

With such a fine structure in place for their students to succeed, KID CITY wanted to make sure all the programs we brought in would compliment the skills and knowledge they are already learning in school. This year, we are hosting three different full length residencies: 

1) My City Park Proposal (4th grade)

  • Students work in groups to build Toy Theaters of your dream Maplewood CITY PARK. These Toy Theaters will be performed by the 4th graders and recorded by our Videography students (see below) and presented to the Maplewood City Council!

2) Videography Program (5th graders in the Leader In Me Program)

  • Students will learn the art of storytelling through video and video editing with tasks to document their own lives and their peers living in Maplewood! 

3) Laugh Labs (After School Targeted Learning Program)

  • Students will work together to design Weaver's very own, Laughter Museum (An installation art-piece that captures all the diverse laughs and faces that make up Maplewood's beautiful community) that will be on display in Maplewood!

I am not going to get into too much detail about every single program this week, because I want to save all the juicy details for when we actually go into the school! 

Although our residency does not officially begin till Feb. 6th, we are so excited to have the opportunity to partner with Weaver Elementary again. BUT THAT'S NOT EVEN THE BEST PART!

Weaver Beaver's Principle Pangjua Xiong, is one of the newest additions to KID CITY's Advisory Committee Family! 

Minnpost Photo by Eric Hinrichs

Minnpost Photo by Eric Hinrichs


I know. How lucky are we at KID CITY? I cannot wait to see all the amazing things that are going to happen within this residencies AND with Principle Xiong as a part of KID CITY's Advisory Committee!

Till next week,

Stay gnawing for Knowledge!