Spring time brings KID CITY to John Glenn Middle School!


Is it just me, or has Minnesota officially said goodbye to winter? Well, I for one am NOT going to complain about that. I love the spring, for 2 reasons: 

1) The flowers start to bloom and it is a beautiful sight to see!


Yes, you heard me correctly! This Spring, KID CITY will be hosting two different after school programs with John Glenn Middle School. Although technically we will be starting at the end of February, with all this sun, let's call it Spring! 

This is KID CITY's first time partnering with John Glenn Middle School and everyone on the team could not be more excited. 

FUN FACT! I went to John Glenn Middle school from 6th-8th grade! 

I know right! Yes, I went to Weaver Elementary and John Glenn Middle School, two schools that we are indeed partnering with this year. Ya'll! I grew up in Maplewood as a child! You have no idea how excited I am to be teaching in John Glenn this year! I mean, we all are excited, but I am extra happy about this partnership, because John Glenn is a great school!

John Glenn's theme for the 2016-2017 school year is "Whatever It Takes!" Which means that the school administration, teachers, staff and support liasions will work closely with students everyday to help them be successful and achieve A's, B's and C's in all their classes. 

This goal wants EVERY STUDENT to be academically successful and we at KID CITY couldn't agree more!

I believe the programs we are bringing to John Glenn will support the students to become independent thinkers and use art and theater as a means to be creative problem solvers, furthering their abilities to be successful students! 

The two after school residencies we are offering this year are: 


  • Together, we will jump into scenes of conflict to re-wind and re-write the outcomes in order to rehearse revolution that will empower our lives.

  • Want to learn more about Brainstorm Theater? Read my previous blog about the program here!


  • Students will use Toy theaters to work together researching and creating a performance that highlights the work of other youth or youth organizations in Maplewood that make a positive impact in their communities. These performances will be recorded and then presented to the Maplewood City Council!
  • Want to learn more about Toy Theaters? Read my previous blog here!


KID CITY is honored and cannot wait to partner with John Glenn Middle School. I just know this residency is going to allow each student to grow and blossom into the unique flower he or she was always meant to be. 

Till next week all you beautiful KID CITY Flower-ers (get it? Like "Followers?" The joke would probably be funnier if I didn't explain it, but I just really want you to appreciate the pun ahaha) 

Sib Nsib Duas! [Good bye in Hmong :) ]