Laugh Labs at Weaver!

Hello KID CITY friends! 

I hope you all are doing swell on this beautiful May day! It definitely feels like summer and  everyone at KID CITY is looking forward to the summer fun that has yet to come! 

As we prepare for our summer events, KID CITY is wrapping up our last residency at Weaver Elementary with our Laugh Labs! 

Over a 5 week period, KID CITY teaching artist had a chance to go into Weaver and work with their Targeted Learning After school Program. In this residency, students had the opportunity to work on designing dioramas that would go inside of the KID CITY Laughter Museum! 

Not sure what a Laughter Museum is? This is a Laughter Museum!


These kiosks are professionally made and feature the smiles and laughs of different residents within and around the city of Maplewood. We call it the "Laughter Museum" because not only does it capture and display laughter, BUT you also have a chance to laugh, when playing with the museum! 

Each museum has a different theme, equip with fun mirrors, silly mustaches, dioramas, rubber chickens that squeak and more!

Honestly, who doesn't love a good old fashioned rubber chicken? 

Students within this residency worked in pairs and had the opportunity to design the dioramas that would go inside each laughter museum. 

From circuses, castles, and outer space, each pair worked together with the guidance of our teaching artists, to create special pieces that would inspire all the people of Maplewood to laugh. 


Check out some highlights from our last session together! 

So make sure to look out for the KID CITY Laughter Museums which will be popping up all over Maplewood this summer! 

Till next time!