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Laugh Labs at Weaver!

Hello KID CITY friends! 

I hope you all are doing swell on this beautiful May day! It definitely feels like summer and  everyone at KID CITY is looking forward to the summer fun that has yet to come! 

As we prepare for our summer events, KID CITY is wrapping up our last residency at Weaver Elementary with our Laugh Labs! 

Over a 5 week period, KID CITY teaching artist had a chance to go into Weaver and work with their Targeted Learning After school Program. In this residency, students had the opportunity to work on designing dioramas that would go inside of the KID CITY Laughter Museum! 

Not sure what a Laughter Museum is? This is a Laughter Museum!


These kiosks are professionally made and feature the smiles and laughs of different residents within and around the city of Maplewood. We call it the "Laughter Museum" because not only does it capture and display laughter, BUT you also have a chance to laugh, when playing with the museum! 

Each museum has a different theme, equip with fun mirrors, silly mustaches, dioramas, rubber chickens that squeak and more!

Honestly, who doesn't love a good old fashioned rubber chicken? 

Students within this residency worked in pairs and had the opportunity to design the dioramas that would go inside each laughter museum. 

From circuses, castles, and outer space, each pair worked together with the guidance of our teaching artists, to create special pieces that would inspire all the people of Maplewood to laugh. 


Check out some highlights from our last session together! 

So make sure to look out for the KID CITY Laughter Museums which will be popping up all over Maplewood this summer! 

Till next time! 



Where's your HAPPY PLACE?!

Hello fellow KID CITY Enthusiasts! 

Gaosong here with your weekly blog about our most recent programming at KID CITY! We just finished up a residency of "Happy Places" last Sunday and we had a blast!

Teaching Artists Chris, Gaosong (moi) and Gustavo setting up before the youth join us for Happy Places!

Now, you may be wondering, "What is a happy place?" or "How DO I get there?" Excellent question! Here are the directions to your happy place!

1) Close your eyes 

2) Think of a Happy Place and you're there! 

BUT, if you want to see how KID CITY turns your happy place into a reality, keep on reading!

3) Make a Toy Theater (see photos below)

4) Use your imagination to model your Toy Theater after your happy place AND...

5) Viola! With the magic of green screen technology, you are physically in your happy place!

To be inspired for your happy place, CLICK PLAY ON THE VIDEO BELOW, to see what magical world Violetta created!

What did you think of Violetta's happy place? Fantastic right!? Who doesn't want to eat a giant cake everyday? That would DEFINITELY make me the happiest person in the world! So, the next time you are feeling blue, just close your eyes and imagine yourself in your happy place. You'll be amazed as to how mentally placing yourself into a different location, (i.e YOUR HAPPY PLACE) can completely alter your emotional and physical state of being. And if you need a little help, you can borrow some ideas from Violetta, I am sure she wouldn't mind sharing that giant cake! 

Till next time friends, stay warm!


A Jolly Time at the Mall!

Hello beautiful people of the Inter-web! Welcome to KID CITY's new Blog! 

My name is Gaosong, Outreach Coordinator and Project Manager for KID CITY and fellow teaching artist, here to bring YOU the latest events and news coming out from KID CITY. 

Last Saturday, KID CITY had the honor of joining Maplewoodians at Maplewood Mall for "Shop, Ship and Share!" The sky was shining brightly as the brisk winter day welcomed us into Maplewood. The team set up our booth right across from Santa, as the many smiling children awaited his magical presence. KID CITY ran into old friends AND made some new friends as we were able to collect laughter, funny faces and jokes from children of all ages. We laughed and played the day away, but before we knew it our time with you was over. :( 

However, have no fear! Now you have a way to stay connected to KID CITY by following this blog. Every week, I am going to post up a new blog for you all! So wipe those tears! We will have coverage of our events, interviews with our artist team members and bring you behind the scenes of our many programs. 

For other ways to stay connected to KID CITY, you can follow the #KIDCITYMN on Facebook and Twitter OR visit our partner KID CITY Page on Maplewood Parks and Recreation 

Till next time, 

Stay playful!

Click on the photo to see more photos from our event!